Fun Fall Activities in Wine Country

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Napa has fun-filled activities all year round. Summer has the most activities but it doesn’t mean that fun will also conclude once it is over. Fall is also a great season to visit and be one with the locals of Napa Valley. It is a good time to witness the surrounding of the valley as it changes its colors. 

There are tourists who prefer to go to Napa Valley during fall because it has a lesser density of people there. Therefore, fall is a great way to enjoy and discover places and events without going through the inconveniences experienced when there is a huge influx of other tourists around. And because there is a lesser number of tourists during fall, most establishments offer promos and discounts on their products and services which are huge savings for you.


Fall is the best time to join the locals of the Wine Country to celebrate the rich bounty of the region.  The thanksgiving for bountiful harvests is being observed through fun-filled activities being sponsored by various wineries including Summers Estate Winery, Cornerstone Cellars, Franciscan Estate Winery and other big and smaller breweries.  These activities are accompanied with wine tasting, food (or cheese) and wine pairing while being treated to live music. If you love wine, food, music, activities like these are a must go for you. 


Aside from wine and spirits, there are so many things to celebrate during fall. Several establishments sponsor concerts in open parks, art exhibits, book launching, workshops for kids and adults, cooking lessons, tours, and lots more. Most of the proceeds raised during these activities go to noble causes, which makes you feel better knowing that your money can help a lot of beneficiaries. 


Fall is also the best time to fly kite and go on hot air balloon ride. The wind is perfect for these two activities. Kite flying is enjoyable for all ages. Hot air balloon ride is an interesting way of watching the amazing landscape and colors of the valley from up above. Once you’re up in the air, your eyes will be treated to the different colors of the vineyards, ranging from various shades of red, orange, green and yellow. You can also recognize the purple and green grapes waiting to be harvested. The vibrant hues of the neat rows of grapes from golden yellow to   maroon are a sight you think only exists in your dreams.


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