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Napa: A Haven for Wine Connoisseurs

Napa Valley, California is home to the best wineries in the world. There are more than 400 winegrowers stationed in Napa, to which almost 95% are ran and owned by families of vintners. Being the wine epicenter of the United States, the county offers more than being a connoisseur’s haven but also a great destination for many tourists and people who are looking for the best place to live in around the world.  

What Napa Valley Offers You

  1. If you love great food, this place is perfect for you. Foodies will love to stay in Napa Valley, being repeatedly recognized as the world’s top food and wine destinations. One thing you shouldn’t miss in Napa Valley is their wine train. Enjoy scrumptious food while doing an 18 mile-train ride to the vast vineyard of the county.  
  2.  Lots of fun activities to do. Aside from the wine train, there are many wine estates you could go to like the Frog’s leap, the Castello di Amorosa and the O’Brien Estate. All of these wineries have a few hours tour offering throughout the day.  However, if you want something adventurous, you can go high above the sky with hot air balloons or watch the beautiful sceneries and the long mountain ranges of California on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other. Moreover, you can also do off the hook fly fishing or visit the Bale Grist State park with your family.  
  3. World-class honeymoon and travel destination. The hotels and its services are unsurpassed in Napa Valley. People are enamored by the rustic architectures, the breath-taking environment and the top of the line amenities these hotels offer. They provide the needed relaxation and rest to their guests with their luxurious spa and wellness centers as well.
  4. The place for the wealthy. Whether you live in Bel Air, Browns Valley, Circle Oaks, Alta Heights or Silverado, most will know you belong in an upscale community. Some of the most expensive homes in the United States can be found in this county.  

Napa Valley gives off the reminiscent feeling of a country and town living, you can also find a home in  Sonoma Real Estate for sale if you want to settle down in the area.  Not only is it famous for its wine tourism, this small town also exudes the elegance and the beauty of a world-class vacation and home living experience fit for every wine lovers all over the world.